Current information

We are preparing a bond program with a bond issue in 2019. After its prospectus is approved by CNB, it will be published on this website.

Use of investment

For the year 2020-2021, the business group intends to establish subsidiaries or branches in Central European countries, in which activities for language and content localization of developed applications, marketing and monetization will be carried out.

Developed applications mean parts of the already developed INEM system. Its content includes applications that monitor and process information on all relevant and available real estate transactions, especially real estate electronic advertising.

Information on property prices is supplemented by INEM data on living conditions – crime, demography, local economic conditions, clean environment and morbidity, transport accessibility and economically active businesses.

Another goal of the 2020-2022 business group is to create an innovative analytical-prediction system called Predict INEM, which will evaluate the links between socio-economic, demographic, environmental and property prices.

Based on the correlation between dozens of different parameters / markers, their time evolution will be able to predict the future development of property prices, identify advantageous business opportunities in the real estate area. They will be able to model and indicate appropriate solutions in the field of municipal projects and activities, showing their impact on the prices of residential, business and municipal property.

The individual layers of information will then be structured to provide users across a range of free services through subscription-based services to large-scale analytical systems for banks and mortgage institutions.

The ultimate goal is to create a globally exponentially growing platform with market-based use of real estate data.

We will provide interested parties with information on how to use and monetize the developed applications upon request.