Prostředí INEM

Appraiser and expert system

The INEM information system, specifically its appraisal module, provides relevant information on the entire real estate market.

Users can use an extensive database of property sales and rentals throughout the Czech Republic, complemented by real sales prices from sales contracts. The system enables professional and fast processing of real estate estimates and expert opinions.

Prostředí INEM

System for real estate brokers

Another module of the INEM information system is designed for real estate brokers and real estate agents.

With this tool, real estate specialists can easily and quickly estimate real estate prices and, in addition, find out in what time horizon real estate prices can be monetized for a given offer price. As a result, they can effectively deal with clients, properly set up commission for their services, and at the same time introduce market valuations to those interested in purchasing that meet the strictest processing requirements.