The idea of our business

Linking real estate and finance

Property has always been linked to financial transactions in history. It is a fundamental value in human lives (dwelling, place of work, etc.), has a long-term durability and it is almost impossible to move or steal property.

However, their disadvantage is that each property is different … located elsewhere, has different equipment, quality and appearance. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize and to assess it´s value easily. It is always necessary to carefully consider individual properties of the property and only after we can give a statement about value expressed in money.

Just as the price of any other human property evolves, real estate prices are also evolving. The reason for this is that house prices are dependent on economic cycles and sentiment in individual locations.

The final factor affecting property prices is the relationship between supply and demand. This is a classic situation where there is a shortage or excess of the type of real estate required on the market.

Who controls the market

Most often people ask for services of the most credible experts. The person who has demonstrated that understands and cares about the real estate is usually the recipient of the deal.

Perfect survey about the real estate market is not easy to develop (the factors described above) and so far there has not been enough free information or necessary pieces of information have not been published by the relevant state or international bodies in a form that would be easy to understand or to be used by non-experts.

As the real estate business is and probably always will be difficult to carry it out, there will always be enough opportunities on the market to carry out interesting and profitable business transactions.

When it comes to solve business opportunities, every good trader must always consider two situations – to seize the opportunity for himself / herself (aka In-House) OR to give it to someone else and participate in his business indirectly (aka Lead-generation).


In order to directy seize a real estate market opportunity, it is necessary to meet several conditions:

  • we need to be sure of attractiveness of the transaction, which means that we consider profitability based on a statistical evaluation of the underlying data (similar asset transactions) and a manual analytics check
  • we have confirmed technical condition of the property by personal inspection by a team of specialists
  • we carry out due diligence in the field of real estate (control of construction documentation, static control, control of operation economy, etc.)
  • the return on investment must be at the highest possible level; We carefully consider all the risks associated with the transaction. If the risk exceeds the acceptable limit, we try to improve conditions of the transaction.
  • we are interested in realizing this specific type of transaction


As part of this approach, we leave it to partners who are willing to pay us a transaction fee or a pro rata remuneration for the transaction value. As openness is at the heart of any successful partnership, we provide our partners with all the necessary data we have access to.

We conclude long-term contracts with our partners, in which we set the conditions for systematic and quick transfer of leads. This is because, especially in the real estate market, the “He gives twice who gives quickly” rule applies. In doing so, we avoid situations where delays and lengthy checks often cause missing the opportunity.

The speed of response to business opportunity, accuracy and accuracy of information, and the pro-client approach are critical to the success (not only) of the industry.

Therefore, our goal has always been to help and provide advice, accurate information and suggestions to anyone who will contact us.


Our specialization is logically real estate. However, there are also huge differences in this respect. On the one hand, we can have real estate brokers – nowadays an almost unregulated profession without the need for any education and qualifications, with the potential to earn tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns through one transaction. Hence, the real estate brokerage profession raises such contradictory reactions. Yet we can talk about specialization.

On the other hand, we have decided to follow the path of maximum specialization. For years we have studied phenomena that dominate real estate markets. We have created unique tools and processes that help us develop unique services for a wide range of customers. Thanks to our successes and efforts, we have gained the status of an expert institute appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. We have created the largest database of structured transactions that exists.


The revolution of civilization is under way, we can give it a digital nickname. Like the previous ones, she will change her way of life, work, communication, relationships, entertainment, education. With the digitization and development of IT and the Internet, previously stable areas of human society are changing – of course in the real estate sector.

The abbreviation 6 D is used for the general description of ongoing processes:

1. Digitization – digitalization of products and services.

2. Deception – digital innovations are deceptive – “deceptive”. As a rule, they lose quite a lot of classic technology for a long time and look like a non-perspective idea. This is because they can be expensive for some time or not good enough. It also takes a while for the new acceptance curve to come: fear of the new – distrust – enthusiasm – decline in interest – mass expansion.

3. Dematerialization – bringing products and services to digital brings huge benefits in the production and distribution process.

4. Disruptive – digitized technology / product outperforms the original solution. Market, respectively. the service area is torn and redefined.

5. Demonstration – digital innovation is cheap for users or directly free of charge.

6. Democratization – demonstration and dematerialisation make digital innovations accessible to all. Only then is the mass spread and globalization.

Our goal is to engage in these processes, their use in real estate. We will thus be able to partially shape this digitized market and become a major player in this field, preferably of course its hegemon at least in Central Europe.


Who gives quickly gives twice. On the real estate market, this rule always applies everywhere. Therefore, we design all our services so that the end customer gets the desired result as soon as possible.

This approach is also being recorded by the current era, when everything is accelerating and people demand solutions instantly and without waiting.

Our plan to build a real estate platform is to capture public attention by providing free real estate market analytics information that will be presented in an attractive form with maximum accuracy and geographic depth, and based on the underlying transactions. Based on this information, we will create a European real estate price map that has not yet competed with our searches. It will include awards for all properties located in Europe and will be completely free of charge. As it will be based on realized transactions and sophisticated computational models, it will be characterized by high accuracy with minimal deviation.

By building an information-rich and user-friendly platform, clever promotion and marketing, much of the data we are expecting is expected to increase public interest in the information we provide.

Of course, we are interested to capture this public interest and offer individual users solutions to their life situations and requirements. This may be:

  • sales, purchases, exchanges, rentals
  • demand for related services – real estate brokers, real estate appraisers, banking institutions, construction companies, lawyers, etc.
  • arranging contacts with property owners
  • and many other services


A robust system that is reliable, fast and measurable is logically needed to create a platform that will process the demands and information of users across Europe on a massive scale. To create it, we have put together an IT team of professionals using state-of-the-art programming, user interface and application design and data management techniques. The technologies we already use or are gradually integrating into:

  • processing Big Data
  • advanced analytical data processing using artificial intelligence – deep learning
  • neural networks, prediction systems
  • cloud computing

When implementing our investments, we carefully consider the risk and return on funds. We are aware of the great confidence investors have in us by investing their resources. Our guarantee of profitable investment is maximum transparency, long-term subordinate history in the field of forensic expertise, which is 100% trustworthy activities built. We are moving in the emerging digital market with a huge potential, respectively. financial turnover.

We tried to prove that we understand the property and feel the right place to do business with it. That is why we will direct all the steps towards depositing free funds to real estate. Although it is not a completely liquid source of money, money deposited in real estate is stored surely and is most likely to be valued, respectively. will not lose significant value.

We see many interesting opportunities in the European real estate market and beyond. If you want to grab these opportunities with us, you see the possibility of synergy activities, write to us.




Return of



Any questions?

The real estate business takes place in times of boom and recession. Since real estate serves, among other things, as a depository of finances, in times of growth, people deposit money into it and (often forced to) choose it in times of decline. It is thus ensured that our services will be sought out even in times of economic downturn.

As far as our In-House real estate investments are concerned, we always choose them to ensure that they can be used in a different way than by sale, unless it appears to be advantageous at the time. This ensures that, at any time, the property we hold is an asset contributing to a healthy business.

All the innovations and new services we are developing stem from our experience. We have countless times tested client responses to individual aspects of the services we provide and plan to develop them further. Therefore, we have no doubt that the services we are developing will be used by customers.

If this is not the case, and our services will not be of interest to customers, we will learn from this failure to deliver a service that will benefit our customers next time.

Obligatory instruments (in our case bonds) are secured by the whole property of the holding, ie. and subsidiaries of the XP group, a. s.

Investors holding a stake in a holding have secured rights as shareholders.

All our services are conceived as beneficial tools for both lay and professional public. They help identify opportunities and avoid disadvantageous deals. They contribute to greater transparency in the market, including greater freedom. At the same time, it saves money for users and connects users with similar interests.

Competition never sleeps. To date, however, we are not aware of any competition that would go the same way as we are.

We have created a team of programmers and specialists who are used to working with the latest tools and procedures in their fields. This is the reason why we are able to realize projects of the described dimensions in our conditions.

Before deploying any new technology, we always carefully consider how much work we can do to save it. Other criteria include support for creators, the developer community, traffic safety, and compatibility with technology still in use.

We do not publish our next steps. This is because we are not interested in making any potential competition aware of our other plans and being able to copy them.

Our business will work for as long as people live in dwellings. It follows that our business will probably be here forever … or for as long as there are people.

Every person wants to live differently. At the same time, every person wants to live better … eg in a better place, in a bigger house, in a nicer apartment, with a view, with the orientation to the sun, etc. Not all of us can afford to live in big hacienda. That is. for as long as the real estate market is alive, our business will be.